women's tailored shirts

Women’s Tailored Shirts:
The Secret Behind the Perfect Fit

Women’s tailored shirts are definitely one of the trickiest clothing items to shop for. Finding one with a fit that’s “just right” can seem near impossible at times. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re petite, tall or full-figured. All shapes and sizes of women seem to have a common problem when it comes to finding form-fitting, flattering dress shirts that would highlight the figure.

At Ella Hopfeldt we set out to solve this problem and to create well-made, well-fitting tailored shirts for women of all shapes and sizes.

Your Shirts Should be Tailored

All Ella Hopfeldt dress shirts are tailored. This means that they have a close fit, creating a trim appearance. A perfectly fitting tailored shirt gives and elegant, figure-flattering silhouette but is also comfortable enough to allow for movement.

Tailored dress shirts are one of the most basic building blocks of a great wardrobe. A good shirt looks like it was made for you, complimenting your figure and making every outfit look even better.

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Ella Hopfeldt’s Unique Approach to Women’s Tailored Shirts

women's tailored shirts

Women have different body shapes, and these body shapes need differently tailored shirts.

At Ella Hopfeldt our journey started when we were designing our first shirt. As we received the first prototype and tried it on, it became clear to us immediately that the same design was not going to be a perfect fit for the both of us. It was then and there that we decided to create two different designs: one that would look ideal on an inverted triangle body shape and another for a rectangular one. Later we added two more designs or fits.

The outcome, Ella Hopfeldt’s proprietary fit system is based on unique sizing where body shape AND size make up each of our four fits. All women’s tailored shirts that we offer come in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes. This makes it possible to provide the majority of women a much better product and a much better experience.

Find Your Perfect Fit with Our Fit Finder Quiz

Finding your perfect Ella Hopfeldt shirt fit is not difficult at all! We have designed a simple quiz that will guide you through easy to answer questions. It will help you find the right fit for your shape in minutes.

Forget about “Your Size”  

Sizing varies widely by brand and style. Which is why you should ditch your preconceived sizing notions.  

To determine your size for Ella Hopfeldt women’s tailored shirts you need to compare your bust, waist and hips measurements to our size charts. Remember, sizing varies by brands and your size in a tailored dress shirt might not be the one you’re used to wearing. It is not uncommon to need one to two sizes larger in a fitted shirt.

We recommend that you choose your size based on your specific measurements and the size chart. Choose the size that best fits all of your measurements, but most importantly your largest one.

Women often find that their measurements are between shirt sizes. In that case we recommend choosing the larger size.

Tailored shirt for every body shape