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    women's white dress shirt

    Women’s cufflinks for double cuff shirts

    The perfect way to wear cufflinks is with your Ella Hopfeldt double cuff shirts. Or for more casual outfit you can wear cufflinks even with Ella Hopfeldt universal cuff shirts. There are an extra buttonhole between the buttons where a cufflink can be threaded through.

    These women’s cufflinks are an excellent pairing for Ella Hopfeldt’s white French cuff shirt.

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    How much is shipping to the US, to Australia and to Canada?

    Shipping to the US, Australia and to Canada is FREE of charge.

    Can I return the shirt?

    Yes, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and wish to receive a full refund or have an item exchanged, you have up to 14 days to return the product. We ask you send us an email and let us know that you are going to return the shirt. In case of an exchange, please also let us know which shirt you would like to have instead.

    You can read more about returns and exchanges here.

    Can I track my order?

    Yes. We will send you an email after the package has been shipped. You will get the tracking code and a link to the website, where you can track your order.

    Where are Ella Hopfeldt shirts produced and can I be sure that they are made fairly and sustainably?

    We believe that great style should not come at the expense of the environment. Ella Hopfeldt’s dress shirts for women are produced in Europe, in Estonia. The shirts are made fairly and sustainably, petting the future of our planet at the core of every decision that we make.

    Do you also make dress shirts for men?

    No, Ella Hopfeldt only designs and sells women’s button-ups.

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