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Find a perfectly tailored women’s double cuff dress shirt for your height and body shape! At Ella Hopfeldt we offer 4 masterfully tailored women’s shirt fits: Italian fit, German fit, French fit and Spanish fit. Take our short fit quiz and find your perfect fit.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee: Get your perfectly fitting shirt without worrying about getting the size right. Talk to our style expert on LiveChat, let us know your measurements (bust, waist, and hips) and we will help you choose the exact right size for your length and your body shape.

Fabulous collection of double cuff shirts for women

Are you looking for a beautiful shirt with a touch of extra style? If so, you have come to the right place. Ella Hopfeldt’s double cuff shirts for women are the perfect companion to any outfit and perfectly suited for any occasion.

In this double cuff shirts collection you’ll find different colours of double cuff shirts for women. 

Luxurious white double cuff shirt for women is the most popular shirt in Ella Hopfeldt’s shirt selection. The white double cuff shirt is one of the dressiest shirts a woman can wear. To this day, white still reigns as the most iconic shirt that draws attention to the wearer. It is perfect for upscale events but also has a place in your office.

The light blue double cuff shirt is a perfect choice if you want to make your outfit look as cool as ice. Ella Hopfeldt’s light blue double cuff shirt is the perfect choice for someone looking for a classic look. Best quality fabric, perfect fit and faultless attention to detail. Irons very well, wears so comfortably. This shirt is more than a style choice, it’s a statement of quality and commitment to making the best of every opportunity.

The pink double cuff shirt is perfect for any situation from a day at the office to a festive dinner. The colour pink is often associated with charm. And who doesn’t want to appear charming? Pink is a fantastic alternative to the white shirt and works well with almost every other colour: navy, black, white and grey to name just a few.

Ella Hopfeldt navy double cuff shirts are created with style savvy, sophisticated women in mind. The shirt looks elegant and casts just a little bit of a mysterious vibe on the person wearing it. And because this colour is one of the classics, you can never go wrong with it. It is flattering for daytime or night time and looks both classic and sharp at the same time. You need this dark blue double cuff shirt in its inky, expensive-looking glory in your wardrobe because everything and everyone looks good in dark blue. 

Double cuffs – attractive addition to any women’s wardrobe

Double cuffs have always been the symbol of total elegance and refinement. These cuffs are twice as long as button cuffs so instead of simply ending at your wrist they extend to twice the length of the cuff itself, and are then folded back. Also, instead of being fastened with a button and button-hole, there are essentially buttonholes on both sides of the cuff, going through both layers. Double cuffs are fastened with cufflinks – no button needed. So, they require you to pick up a pair of cufflinks that will add undeniable charm to your outfit.

Add personality & style with cufflinks!

Double cuff shirts for women are amazing as they offer an opportunity to wear cufflinks. And who doesn’t love cufflinks?

Cufflinks are items of jewelry that add an air of sophistication and style to your look while providing the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. They are an easy way to liven up an office outfit and an excellent option for enhancing the appearance of your double cuff shirt.

Cufflinks are available in many sizes, shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button and are considered a more ornamental option.You can experiment with colours and patterns when it comes to your cufflinks. Metal cufflinks are a popular everyday option and come in more styles than you might imagine.

At Ella Hopfeldt we have a small selection of women’s cufflinks that combine beautifully with double cuff shirts for women.

Our silver color cufflinks are both timeless and chic. If you want a style that will go with anything, these are the best choice. Or alternatively, the blue cufflinks are also a beautiful choice and an eye-catching accessory to the white blouse. They are sure to add an extra spark to your outfit and elevate your style with a sense of luxury.

Browse Ella Hopfeldt’s collection of women’s cufflinks and add a touch of colour and class to your double cuff shirt. 

Fit is the King!

When it comes to double cuff shirts for women one of the most important aspects is the fit. You want to make sure that your shirt is neither too loose not too tight; everything has to be just right.

A perfect fit is about looking and feeling your best when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and note that the shirt fits flawlesslyfeels comfortable, and looks superb.

We at Ella Hopfeldt know that women have different physical profiles and we have developed a proprietary fit system based on unique sizing where body shape AND size make up each of our four shirt fits. So, at Ella Hopfeldt we offer 4 masterfully tailored women’s shirt fits for women of different heights and body shapes: Italian fitGerman fitFrench fit and Spanish fit.

To find your perfect fit and size from our collection of double cuff shirts for women, please take our fit quiz or see our fit guide.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, Ella Hopfeldt only designs and sells double cuff shirts for women.

Yes! We offer WORLDWIDE delivery and it’s FREE

Double cuffs (or French cuffs) are twice as long as regular cuffs and there are two pairs of buttonholes without the actual buttons. For wearing the cufflinks you simply need to fold the cuff in half, matching the buttonholes and then insert and close your cufflinks.

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