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Find a perfectly tailored business shirt for your height and body shape! At Ella Hopfeldt we offer 4 masterfully tailored women’s shirt fits. Our 4 shirt fits are named after European countries: Italian fitGerman fitFrench fit and Spanish fit.
Take our short fit quiz and find your perfect fit.

Be the best-dressed woman in the office with our elegant women’s business shirts. You’ll look your best and feel confident in these classic ladies’ dress shirts. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to reflect your personality and exude feminine sophistication.

Ella Hopfeldt is a new dress shirt brand for women and our blouses are crafted from the finest materials available. Our products are the perfect addition to a tasteful and sophisticated work wardrobe.

Women’s Business Attire Explained

Work clothes are an important part of every woman’s overall professional persona. Your clothing should convey your credibility and competence but also look stylish and reflect some personality. How you should dress in your office depends largely on the dress code and the cultural norms of your company.

Business Formal Attire

Business formal attire usually involves men wearing suits and ties and women dressing in tailored suits, jackets, pants, and skirts. A business suit is a great option for women who have the versatility of choosing to wear either a pair of dress slacks or a skirt with a suit jacket.

Business formal attire also includes blouses such as dress shirts and button-up tops. The button-up shirt for women is sometimes described as the workhorse of a business outfit because it comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is suitable for all formal occasions. Ella Hopfeldt has a lovely selection of work-appropriate shirts ideal for combining with the rest of your business clothing.

Business Casual Attire

If your workplace is a little more laid-back you have a few more options when it comes to work clothes. Business casual is mostly about mixing elements of formal business attire, like a blazer or dress shirt with more casual pieces like chinos. You can also wear sweaters with pretty much everything else in your business casual wardrobe.

How to Choose the Right Women’s Business Shirt

The top you choose to wear will complement the rest of your business outfit and getting the proper one is essential to emphasize your unique qualities.

Here is a list of defining features of women’s business shirts:

  • Fully buttoned vertical opening;
  • Correct length – the hem should be long enough for the shirt to be worn tucked or untucked;
  • Made of cotton weaves;
  • Long sleeves with cuffs at the wrist;
  • Proper collar.

Here are some quick tips on picking the best business shirt for women.

The size and fit

  • Please take your measurements (bust, waist and hips) and ascertain your correct size with the help of measurement charts.
  • Search for brands that offer different fits for women of different body build.
  • Ascertain your correct sleeve length.
  • Understand that shirt sizes differ depending on the brand.

The Design

  • Classic, lighter colors suit all complections and form a core basic range of your wardrobe.
  • Other core colors include greys, navy, lilacs.
  • Small printed fabrics are also popular alongside the usual checks and stripes.

The Fabric

  • Fabric plays a very important role in the overall quality of a button-up.
  • As a rule of thumb, shirt fabric should be made of 100% natural fibers like cotton or linen.

The Brand

  • Even if you have a favorite brand that you like, be open and try other brands, they may positively surprise you.
  • Cheap brands are not recommended because people notice a cheap-looking top.

The Price

  • Remember that you always get what you pay for and that quality comes at a cost.
  • A high-quality button-up has the longevity to last and is well worth the slightly higher price at the time of purchase.
  • For price choose the best value for money option.

Ladies’ Business Shirts That Fit

The fit of your business clothing including your shirts is paramount. Anything too tight is certainly frowned upon and looks unprofessional, while baggy and ill-fitting clothes won’t do your figure any justice and tend to look sloppy.

Search for blouses that are just right: a properly fitting shirt follows the contours of your figure accentuating your waist while allowing for freedom of movement.

Finding tailored, well-fitting dress shirts may not always be easy and is a universal problem for most women – the tall, the petite, the skinny, and the curvy. At Ella Hopfeldt we have set out to solve this problem and have created our proprietary fit system that is organized around basic body shape categories (triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass) and focuses on shape first and then size. This makes it possible to provide the majority of women with much better products and a much better experience.

Please read our Fit Guide to see which Ella Hopfeldt shirt style is the best for your height and body shape. Alternatively, you can take our Fit Quiz and by answering just a few easy questions go directly to our shirt selection available to you.

Business Shirts: 5 Colors You Should Own

Women’s dress shirts are one of the most important style basics in your business wardrobe and with these 5 colors you’ll be equipped for whatever your job throws at you.

Solid White Dress Shirt

White is the classic, go-to color for women’s button-ups for one incredibly simple reason: it is versatile. No matter the color of your pants, your suit, your shoes, or the rest of your clothes, a white shirt will always look sharp and elegant.

This will be the cornerstone of your wardrobe and you should have one ready to go at any moment, ironed and clean. Why? Because it is classic, timeless and most importantly: it will never go out of style.

Light Blue Blouse

A fantastic versatile color, light blue is a way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. It complements a lot of other colors so you will have several alternatives when deciding what to pair it with. Also, it is one of the colors that looks great on any skin tone.

This shirt will look best with a navy blue suit but equally as impressive with charcoal or medium grey suit and will show that you have color coordination abilities and have put some effort to look good.

Pink Button-Up

The pink button-up communicates calm, creativity, and innovation. This color adds a sophisticated style to the wardrobe and really pops. It’s also quite versatile and easy to coordinate with lots of other colors and hues.

Black Button-up

Black button-up for women conveys elegance, sophistication, and confidence. It is every stylish woman’s flattering secret weapon that brings precision to outfits and just generally looks smart and modern on its own. It will keep you looking classy and feeling great.

Grey Button-up

Grey dress shirts for women make for a great alternative to all other colors. The key with a good grey button-up is to keep the shade of grey light as darker shades can be difficult to pair with jackets, sweaters, and other layering pieces.

Now that you know which 5 colors to get your tops in, the next question you might be asking is: where should I get them.

Ella Hopfeldt offers beautiful business shirts for ladies and worldwide free shipping

Ella Hopfeldt is a new shirt brand and store for women and distinguishes itself by making ladies’ button-ups that focus on body shape first and then the size. In the case of our shirts, that means you don’t have to settle for the usual size framework: you find the correct shirt category for your body shape, your exact size, and get a button-up that fits as if it was custom made for you.

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