Women's French Cuff Shirts

Women’s French Cuff Shirts, Reinvented

Classy. Elegant. Professional. This is how you will look in Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s French cuff shirts. Here is what makes these French cuff shirts so special:

  • Perfect fit – we have created a unique fit system that focuses on women’s shapes and thus offers a much better experience for most women. You can find the perfect fit for your shape with the help of our simple Fit Quiz. 
  • Premium Fabrics are essential to make perfect shirts. We are proud to use only the finest cotton that is soft to the touch, gentle on the skin, and easy to maintain. 
  • Fine Craftsmanship is the vital component to produce high-quality shirts. You will notice it in a number of details, including the beautifully crafted collar and cuffs. 
Women's pink French cuff shirt
Women's dark blue French cuff shirt
Women's light blue dress shirt
Women's white French cuff shirt

Shine your brightest in the White French Cuff Shirt

The white french cuff shirt is one of the dressiest shirts a woman can wear. To this day, white still reigns as the most iconic shirt that draws attention to the wearer. It is perfect for upscale events but also has a place in your office.

Ella Hopfeldt’s white women’s French cuff shirts are made of luxurious herringbone twill. The fabric feels soft against the skin and looks gorgeous at the same time. These quality shirts are perfect for women who love to stand out from the crowd and exude royal charm and sophistication.

Ruth (Australia)
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“I’m over the moon about this shirt and the fit is perfect!”
Luxurious white shirt for women

SPECIAL OFFER: White Shirt & Cufflinks

A French cuff shirt needs cufflinks to fasten the shirt cuffs and that is why we have created this special offer for you! You can now get the luxurious white French cuff shirt and cufflink set for 129 € ($146). This is 17% OFF the original price. 
Ella Hopfeldt women’s French cuff shirts come in different fits to fit women of different heights and body shapes. Take our short fit quiz, answer a few easy questions about your body shape and you’ll be directed to the white French suff shirt & cufflink set that is perfect for your height and shape. 

Make a style statemen in the Light Blue French Cuff Shirt

The light blue French cuff shirt is a perfect choice if you want to make your outfit look as cool as ice. Made in beautiful light blue colour, this shirt mimics the shades of the sky and the ocean on a warm summer day. You will always look fresh and bright in it and you will love the soft touch of its luxurious fabric.

With the subtle lustre on the fabric, light blue women’s French cuff shirts by Ella Hopfeldt are appropriate for work but also for more formal occasions. If you happen to have blue eyes, you need this shirt – it will make you sparkle.

Janet (United States)
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“I have never had such a quality shirt in my life. When I ironed it, the quality really showed. The fabric is medium weight super high quality cotton. Don’t be afraid of overseas shipping and communication, these folks are exceptional in every aspect.”
women's light blue french cuff shirt with cufflinks

SPECIAL OFFER: Light Blue Shirt & Cufflinks

A French cuff shirt needs cufflinks to fasten the shirt cuffs and that is why we have created this special offer for you! You can now get the light blue French cuff shirt and blue cufflinks for 129 € ($146). This is approximately 17% OFF of the original price. 
Ella Hopfeldt shirts come in different fits to fit women of different heights and body shapes. Take our short fit quiz, answer a few easy questions about your body shape and you’ll be directed to the shirt that is perfect for your height and shape

Turn heads in the Pink French Cuff Shirt

The pink French cuff shirt is perfect for any situation from a day at the office to a festive dinner. The colour pink is often associated with charm. And who doesn’t want to appear charming? Pink is a fantastic alternative to the white shirt and works well with almost every other colour: navy, black, white and grey to name just a few.

These women’s French cuff shirts are certain to attract attention and to turn heads wherever you go. They are statement pieces that really pop.

Michelle (Canada)
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“This was my first experience with Ella Hopfeldt and it was great! The shirt fits me perfectly and exudes quality.”
Women's French cuff shirt
Women's dark blue shirt

Complete your chic look in the Navy French Cuff Shirt

You need the navy French cuff shirt in its inky, expensive-looking glory in your wardrobe because everything and everyone looks good in dark blue. It is flattering for daytime or night time and looks both classic and sharp at the same time.

Ella Hopfeldt navy women’s French cuff shirts are created with style savvy, sophisticated women in mind. The shirt looks elegant and casts just a little bit of a mysterious vibe on the person wearing it. And because this colour is one of the classics, you can never go wrong with it.

Nelly (The Netherlands)
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“Love everything about this shirt. The material is beautiful and the colour is classy. Fit is definitely premium!”
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Find the fit that will flatter your figure

When it comes to dress shirts, it’s the fit that matters most. At Ella Hopfeldt we are fanatic about the fit and about creating well-made, well-fitting dress shirts for women of all shapes and sizes.

Women have different body shapes, and these body shapes need differently tailored shirts. Ella Hopfeldt’s proprietary fit system is based on unique sizing where body shape AND size make up each of our four fits.

All women’s French cuff shirts that we offer come in 36 different options: four shapes and nine sizes. This makes it possible to provide the majority of women a much better product and a much better experience.

Would you like to find your perfect fit? Take our simple fit quiz that will guide you through easy to answer questions and help you find the right fit for your shape in minutes.

A Little Bit of History

The French Cuff, which is a double length cuff, originated in Great Britain and was known as the foldback or double cuff. These cuffs and cufflinks became particularly popular during the Industrial Revolution as an understated way to show off social class.

Alexander Dumas immortalised the style in his novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The author provided a detailed description of how Baron Danglars, the wealth-obsessed banker, wore French cuff dress shirts and how he paired them with flashy bejewelled cufflinks. 

Legend has it, after the book came out, all French tailors began creating double cuffed shirts and these soon became known as French Cuffs. Originally a symbol of luxury and power, French cuff shirts are now seeing a resurgence in business wear and worn all over the world by men and women who want to look their best.

Women’s French cuff shirts are easy to combine

Contrary to a common belief, there are no restrictions as to when and how women’s French cuff shirts should be worn. Even though traditionally French cuffs could only be worn with a lounge suit (and not a sports jacket), this is now no longer the case. This shirt is very easy to combine with everything else in your wardrobe.

You don’t have to wear a jacket and you most definitely do not need to wear a tuxedo. In fact, if you feel like it, combine the shirt with your favourite jeans and excel at effortless elegance. Or pair it with a maxi skirt for a formal or semi-formal evening look. The way you choose to wear it is entirely up to you.

Here’s to Cufflinks!

Women’s French cuff shirts are amazing as they offer an opportunity to wear cufflinks. And who doesn’t love cufflinks?

Cufflinks are items of jewelry that add an air of sophistication and style to your look while providing the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. They are an easy way to liven up an office outfit and an excellent option for enhancing the appearance of the French cuff shirt.

Cufflinks are available in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button and are considered a more ornamental option.You can experiment with colours and patterns when it comes to your cufflinks. Metal cufflinks are a popular everyday option and come in more styles than you might imagine.

At Ella Hopfeldt we have a small selection of women’s cufflinks that combine beautifully with women’s French cuff shirts.

Our women’s silver color cufflinks are both timeless and chic. If you want a style that will go with anything, these are the best choice. Or alternatively, the blue cufflinks are also a beautiful choice and an eye-catching accessory to the white blouse. They are sure to add an extra spark to your outfit and elevate your style with a sense of luxury.

Browse Ella Hopfeldt’s collection of women’s cufflinks and add a touch of colour and class to your professional look. 

About Ella Hopfeldt brand

Ella Hopfeldt is a relatively new dress shirt brand that was born out of the desire to create the world’s best shirts for women. We are here to take women’s button-up shirts to a whole new level. It is our aim to design and deliver exquisite shirts that fit perfectly, are made from 100% premium cotton, look superb, and last long.

We are thoughtful about our production process and look to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can. We manufacture in Europe, in Estonia, reducing freight and supporting a factory that prioritizes the health and well-being of its workforce.

Our philosophy is to make quality shirts available to women around the world. Any purchase you make at Ella Hopfeldt will be shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world, for free.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Shipping to the US, Australia and to Canada is FREE of charge.

International shipping normally takes up to 14 days. Because of COVID-19, we are monitoring all our packages on a daily basis and follow up every package that is taking longer than expected promptly.

Yes, definitely. Women’s French cuff shirts are ideal if you want to elevate your jeans for a more formal look. In fact, this shirt will jazz up any pair of pants without making you look as if you were trying too hard..

It is very easy to combine with everything else in your wardrobe. Women’s French cuff shirts look beautiful with dress pants and a blazer but you may also combine them with your favorite jeans and excel at effortless elegance.

Yes, you do. French cuffs are double-length cuffs that are folded back on themselves. They never come with buttons but instead are always fastened with cufflinks.

French cuffs (or double cuffs) are twice as long as regular cuffs and there are two pairs of buttonholes without the actual buttons. For wearing the cufflinks you simply need to fold the cuff in half, matching the buttonholes and then insert and close your cufflinks.

In men’s style, French cuffs and cufflinks are often associated with fancy dinners and formal events. There are no similar styling rules for women. Women’s French cuff shirts are a wonderful option for everyday wear since they give even something as laid back as jeans a more classy look.

No. We offer worldwide delivery and it is FREE of charge.

We have created a simple quiz to help you find the best fitting shirt for your body shape. Click here to go to the quiz, answer a few easy questions and you’ll be directed to the Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s French cuff shirt collection that suits you best.

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and wish to receive a full refund or have an item exchanged, you have up to 14 days to return the product. We ask you to send us an email and let us know that you are going to return the shirt. In case of an exchange, please also let us know which shirt you would like to have instead.

You can read more about returns and exchanges from here.

Yes, some. We carry fitted shirts up to a US size 18.

We believe that great style should not come at the expense of the environment. Ella Hopfeldt’s dress shirts for women are produced in Europe, in Estonia. The shirts are made fairly and sustainably, putting the future of our planet at the core of every decision that we make.

We are happy to help you and answer any questions related to our products, styles, and our brand. Simply chat with us on live chat and ask away!

Th exchange rate is approximately 1 € = 1,18 $ so a shirt costing 99 € would cost approximately 117 $, a shirt costing 119 € would cost approximately 140 $ and a shirt costing 129 € would cost approximately 148 $.

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