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Women’s Fitted Shirts for A Flattering Style

If you are on a mission to find women’s fitted shirts, you’ve come to the right place. Ella Hopfeldt is a relatively new dress shirt brand for women and offering better fit, quality, and comfort to our customers is our passion.

At Ella Hopfeldt all of our dress shirts for women are fitted. This means that they have a close fit, creating a trim appearance. They give an elegantfigure-flattering silhouette but are also comfortable enough to allow for movement.

Our fitted shirts for women are available in four tailored fits that are organized around basic body shape categories: triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle. Finding your perfect fit is simple with the help of our Fit Quiz. Click on the button below to take the simple test and go to your personalized choice of women’s fitted shirts that are perfect for your height and body shape. 


Regardless of your shape and size, dress shirts that are properly fitted always look more flattering. A shirt that is designed to follow the contours of your figure compliments your physique in all the right places and makes you feel at your best.

Women’s fitted shirts can certainly highlight a slim physique, but they also look amazing on almost any body type as long as the size is right.

However, finding tailored, well-fitting dress shirts (or any other clothes, actually) is a universal problem for most women – the tall, the short, the skinny, and the curvy alike. At Ella Hopfeldt we set out to solve this problem, at least as far as button-ups are concerned.

We studied hundreds of women which led us to create our proprietary fit system that focuses on shape first and then size.

Women’s fitted shirts done right 

No two women have exactly the same curves in all the same places. What we do all share, however, are the basic silhouettes that fall into specific body shape categories (triangle, rectangle, etc.).

The unique sizing and fitting system for Ella Hopfeldt women’s fitted shirts is organized around these basic body shape categories. We use unique sizing where body shape AND size make up each of our four fits.

All our shirt comes in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes.

This makes it possible to provide the majority of ladies with a much better product and a much better experience.

Whatever style of fitted button-up you are looking for you are sure to find your perfect fit here!

Select the Correct Size

Since sizes and measurements vary across brands and styles, you should ditch your preconceived sizing notions and get the size based on your actual measurements.

In order to do that you need to compare your bust, waist, and hips measurements to our size charts. Select the size that best fits all of your measurements, but most importantly your largest one. If you are between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

Fabric Makes the Shirt

Women’s dress shirts come in many different fabrics and blends; so many that it is easy to get lost in the options when comparing one against another. Quality, durability, and price vary widely and along with that also how the shirt is going to look and feel.

Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s fitted shirts are made from premium quality cotton. They are soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear.

We stay away from synthetic materials and fabrics with stretch as these can make the shirt appear flimsy and cheap. Furthermore, synthetic fabrics do not breathe nearly as well as natural fibers like cotton.

Fitted Shirts with Outstanding Details

When it comes to women’s dress shirts, it is always the details that attract attention. They make it easy to see the quality of the shirt if you know what to pay attention to.

The most visible details of women’s fitted shirts are your shirt collar and cuffs. If these communicate style and taste, you’ll instantly generate a positive first impression.

The collar is the pride of a dress shirt and its most standout feature. No matter what type of outfit you wear with your shirt, your collar will always be noticeable. It informs the viewer, often unconsciously, what the rest of your outfit is likely to be and how to perceive you.

Ella Hopfeldt keeps the shirt collars stiff by using a different type of material known as interlining between the top and bottom pieces of a collar. This forms a sort of skeleton providing rigidity and shape.

Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s business shirts use quality interlinings that will not bubble after a few washes and will help your collar stay sharper longer.

The Best Women’s Fitted Shirts for Every Occasion

Whether you need fitted button-ups for a formal, casual, or business affair, we have a perfect top for every occasion. Here are 5 beautiful shirts to create outfits that will take your style to the next level in 2021 and beyond.

The White Shirt

Nothing elevates a simple pair of trousers, a skirt, or a suit like a crisp, classic white shirt. But where it really shines is its versatility.

Ella Hopfeldt white shirt is a refined choice and a great way to add a sophisticated look to your business outfits. It has everything you could ask for in a white button-up: it is fitted for a streamlined and flattering finish, the fabric is of excellent quality and thick enough to prevent your underwear from being visible and the quality of the shirt is visible in every single detail.

Double cuffs add timeless elegance and style you just don’t experience on button cuff shirts. They are a bold and attractive addition to any woman’s wardrobe, and they suit just about any occasion.

Smartchic, and forever professional, it is guaranteed to turn heads at the office and will always make a lasting impression.

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The Black Shirt

The black shirt is a unique piece of clothing that conveys elegance, sophistication, and confidence. Black shirt is a must-have for every modern woman wardrobe just like everyone should have a white dress shirt in their closet. White for when you want to look sharp and polished and black for when you want to appear bold and a little bit mysterious. 

A great black shirt is every stylish woman’s flattering secret weapon. It gives off rock n roll vibes with a leather jacket, brings precision to any outfit and just generally looks smart and modern on its own. You are never underdressed in a black dress shirt. And that’s why it’s important to find the very best black shirt for your tastes and needs – which, as it happens, is exactly what we have for you.

Women’s black shirt by Ella Hopfeldt is masterfully fitted and made out of luxurious fabric, it is likely to become a statement piece in your closet.

The Light Blue Shirt

The color blue looks flattering on most women. Whereas bright white can be overpowering at times, blue – delicate, pure, and calm – can enhance a wide range of skin colors. 

Ella Hopfeldt’s light blue button-up is smart, cool, and forever professional. It’s the perfect selection for a day in the office, a business meeting, or a dinner with friends.

Shirt with French Cuffs

The collection of women’s French cuff shirts is our pride and joy. Though not everyone requires a closet full of French cuff shirts, it is great to have at least one for those occasions when you want to appear just a little bit more stylish than the ordinary.

Embracing this elegant look is an excellent way to declare to all observers that you take pride in your appearance and have an appreciation for subtle elegance.

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The Chequered Shirt

The chequered shirt is the perfect choice for adding some color and pattern to your wardrobe. The pattern is so classic and cool, it almost feels like a neutral. This is why it blends seamlessly into your wardrobe giving you versatile looks with each outfit and every occasion.

Even if you normally avoid patterns and think that checks are not your thing, any Ella Hopfeldt shirt has what it takes to change your mind. You will discover that your chequered shirt looks perfect paired with almost all other items in your wardrobe. And you will love the way you look wearing it.


Finding your perfect Ella Hopfeldt fit is simple with our Fit Quiz. Quick and easy, the quiz consists of questions regarding your body shape. You will find the right fit for your shape in minutes.

About Ella Hopfeldt Brand

Ella Hopfeldt is a relatively new dress shirt brand that was born out of the desire to create the world’s best shirts for women. We are here to take women’s fitted shirts to a whole new level. We aim to design and deliver exquisite shirts that fit perfectly, are made from 100% premium cotton, look superb, and last long.

We are thoughtful about our production process and look to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can. We manufacture in Europe, in Estonia, reducing freight and supporting a factory that prioritizes the health and well-being of its workforce.

Our philosophy is to produce quality shirts available to ladies around the world. All your purchases will be shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world, for free.

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No, our fitted dress shirts for ladies are made of 100% cotton and do not have stretch. Classic dress shirts are not meant to fit too tightly but to have a shape that fits comfortably in all the right places.

All Ella Hopfeldt shirts are fitted to suit all types of feminine figures. When choosing the right fit it is important to look for the one that corresponds to your body shape.

We have created a simple quiz to help you find the best fitting button-up for your shape. Click here to go to the quiz, answer a few easy questions and you’ll be directed to the tops that suit you best.

No. We only offer classic long-sleeve button-ups that offer more variety and are more fashion-forward than the short-sleeve ones.

Yes, some. We carry fitted shirts up to a US size 18.

You will find the exact length for individual sizes in the size chart. However, all Ella Hopfeldt women’s fitted shirts have been designed to be long enough to stay tucked when tucked into your skirt or pants but also suitable to be worn untucked.

We are happy to help you and answer any questions related to our products, styles, and our brand. Simply chat with us on live chat and ask away!

Select an item from anywhere on this site, choose your preferred color and size, and then select “add to cart”. Once you have finished shopping, select the checkout option in the cart and follow the steps to purchase your product(s).

No. We offer worldwide delivery, and it is FREE of charge.

International shipping normally takes up to 14 days. Because of COVID-19, we are monitoring all our packages on a daily basis and follow up on every package that is taking longer than expected promptly.

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and wish to receive a full refund or have an item exchanged, you have up to 14 days to return the product.

We ask you to send us an email and let us know that you are going to send the package back to us. In case of an exchange, please also let us know which button-up you would like to have instead.

We process and ship all orders the day of the order. Because of this, we are unable to cancel any order once it has been submitted.

No, Ella Hopfeldt only designs and sells women’s button-ups.