STYLEGUIDE – Best Women’s Business Shirts for Each Day of the Week

Women’s business shirts were invented to end all wardrobe battles. You know – the ones that start out with a mental inspection of all the pieces you own and end with questioning most shopping decisions you’ve ever made.

So, you work in the office and “effortlessly stylish” is the look you’re going for?  End your wardrobe dilemmas and make sure you have a perfect dress shirt for each weekday.

Here are five ideas for women’s business shirts, one for each workday of the week, to make things easier for yourself


Women’s business shirts
valge mustaga triiksärk; mustade detailidega triiksärgid

Monday is not the favorite day of the week for many.

Maybe it’s because it always comes too soon. Or maybe it’s because of the notorious Monday Morning Meeting that drags on like a boring, three-hour movie.

The best you can do is bite the bullet and start the working week with an outfit that means business.

You want a shirt that looks fresh and crisp even if – or especially because – you don’t feel it.

And, once it’s on, you want to forget about your outfit and concentrate on surviving the day.

White shirt with black details is perfect for this morning when simplicity is a necessity. It looks clean, collected, stylish and smart.

It is especially great because of the easy-care fabric. So, if you did not feel like ironing on Sunday – never mind. The shirt will look flawless anyway.


pink checkered shirt
pink plaid shirt

Tuesday is a good, solid day. People are finished complaining about the work week starting and are ready to get things done.

It’s a day of goals and a day of accomplishments. Overall, it’s an optimistic day, and there is a shirt that fits this mood perfectly.

The pink check shirt will liven up your look and the mood of those around you. Made of soft cotton it is amazingly comfortable and subtly eye-catching.

If you think that checks are not your thing – it’s time to get over it!

Checks are wildly popular and easier to wear than people think. The key is to play up to them, and let them do the talking, while keeping the rest of your look simple.

Combine the pink check shirt with a navy suit and you will get those looks for all the right reasons.


On Wednesday you are in the middle of things, neither here nor there.

There’s reason for cautious optimism about the upcoming weekend but you are also buried under a ton of work.

Keep things simple (but not boring) on the clothing front and opt for the shirt with blue details.

Blue is probably the most flexible color and this lustrous shirt is a styling wonder. It is compatible with almost every other color and item in your wardrobe.

You can rely on it to look dashing, but you will also love it for the silky soft feel of the fabric.


kuidas kanda topeltmansettidega triiksärki

Unexpected work events always tend to pop up on a Thursday, which makes this day of the week the trickiest to dress for.

Go for broke and dress up.

Pick the white shirt with French cuffs and wear stunning cufflinks for extra impact!

Pair with a skirt or tailored pants and you’ve got a winning outfit for any surprises at work or after.


3floral shirt

Finally, the weekend is around the corner and the universal day of employee happiness has arrived.

End-of-the-week outfits can be more casual and fun. This is the day to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

So, go bold and make a fashion statement with the flowered shirt.

Floral shirt is perhaps, the safest way to incorporate flowers into your workwear.

The floral shirt is stylish, eye-catching and 100% office appropriate, providing a fresh alternative to usual business shirts.

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