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Women’s black shirt by Ella Hopfeldt is a sign of elegance and style. Its quality is visible in every detail giving the shirt a very clean, polished look. Masterfully fitted and made out of luxurious fabric, it is likely to become a statement piece in your closet.

Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s black shirt has the following features:

  • Premium, easy care fabric
  • Tailored fit
  • Convertible cuffs
  • Crisp collar
  • Made in Europe

“I love this shirt. I always wait to leave a review until I have a chance to see how a product performs after a couple of months. After wearing and washing this one several times, I’m very happy with its fit, colour-fastness and quality!

I will be looking to purchase more of this style and brand of shirts!”


Michaela C. (United States)

Fine Details make the difference

black shirt collar


Collar is the most standout feature of any dress shirt. It borders your face and is one of the first things that people notice about your outfit. A well-made collar helps make a great first impression and signals professionalism and competence.

This women’s black shirt comes with interlined collar. Interlining provides a sort of skeleton providing rigidity and shape and helps the collar maintain its shape and form. An interlined collar has a clean and crisp look, it frames your face and flatters your unique features.

Black shirt fabric


This women’s black shirt is made of soft and smooth cotton blend fabric (50% cotton, 50% viscose). Viscose is renowned for its silk-like lustre and superior softness. Blending it with cotton combines the appealing features of both yarns to produce a flattering fabric which has a silky appearance of viscose and the breathability of cotton.

Viscose retains vivid colours particularly well and blended with cotton, increases the depth of colour. This is a particularly valuable quality in a black dress shirt. Cotton-viscose blend does not build up static electricity, meaning hassle free wear.


Shirt cuffs are a small but important detail of a dress shirt that contribute to the overall appearance of a garment’s quality.

Women’s black shirt features convertible cuffs which are a rare find in button-ups for ladies. Convertible cuff is shaped just like a common barrel cuff but has an extra button hole where a cufflink can be threaded through. This give an option to wear your shirt buttoned for a day-to-day look or to dress it up with a pair of cufflinks.

black dress shirt for women


Most women’s dress shirts are made for the masses and if something is supposed to fit everyone, it does not, sadly, fit anyone properly.

Ella Hopfeldt offers a revolutionary approach to women’s dress shirt fit – a unique fit system based on the height and body shape of the wearer. In order to offer the majority of women a better product and a better experience, this fitted black shirt comes in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes. All you need to do is find the perfect fit for you.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your shirt, you can return it to us within 14 days for a full refund. It doesn’t matter if you’re returning the shirt because you don’t like the way it fits, don’t like the fabric, or don’t like the style. All you have to do is return your shirt within 14 days for a full refund.

Women’s Black shirt is a great basic

Black shirt is a great basic – everyone should own one just like every woman should have a white shirt in their closet. White for when you want to look sharp and polished and black for when you want to appear bold and a little bit mysterious.  

Even though a women’s black shirt is a classic, a good one is often difficult to find. Which is why we have created one. This black shirt is designed to offer unmatched comfort along with an unbeatable visual appeal.”

Merit Lookene, co-creator of Ella Hopfeldt brand

Get your beautiful black shirt now

black dress shirt

Each woman has a unique body shape that a well-fitting dress shirt will flatter.

With 97% probability we have the perfectly fitting black shirt for you (the percentage is based on our rate of returns).

Finding the perfect fit for your shape is easy – just take our simple quiz that will guide you through easy to answer questions. You will find your perfect Ella Hopfeldt black shirt in minutes!