White Shirt for Women – How to Make the Perfect Choice

Women’s perfect white shirt is a great item to have in your wardrobe – it’s versatile, it’s smart, it looks good on everyone and there are a million ways to wear it. It is your secret weapon to class and style. However, for the shirt to truly work its magic, it needs to look exactly right. Here are a few tips for choosing a perfect white shirt for women that will be guaranteed to set you apart.

When it comes to women’s perfect white shirt – Fit is the King!

You can get away with a lot of things but getting away with a badly fitting shirt is difficult. Even an expensive one will work against you and make you look awkward. Which is why you want to start by finding your perfect fit.  

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“In today’s fashion you can get away with a lot of things, but wearing ill-fitting clothes is not one of them”

One of the places to look for women’s perfect white shirt is Ella Hopfeldt. You can find different fitted fits for women of different heights and shapes. Start out by taking the fit test to determine your perfect fit. Once you know your fit, use the size chart to pick the correct size. The shirt will look as if it was tailor made for you.

There can be no great fashion without great fabrics

The fabric of your white shirt will determine how the shirt feels, looks and wears. In order to end up with a shirt that feels soft and supple and looks immaculate, there are a few things to consider.

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Unless you’re looking for specific performance fabrics, natural materials are your best bet of which pure cotton is probably the most popular. Some high end shirting companies argue that unless the fabric is 100% cotton or 100% linen, don’t even bother. Natural fibers have a particularly pleasant feel against the skin and the benefit of better breathability.

Avoid the see-through effect – look for the two-ply cotton. Good quality shirts are usually two-ply cotton which means that two yarns are twisted together making the fabric stronger, softer and less see-through.

Ella Hopfeldt classic white shirt for women is made of the finest 2-ply 100% cotton. As an extra bonus the fabric is also wrinkle resistant so the shirt will look smart and fresh from early morning till late at night.

Details make the shirt

Shirt collar and cuffs are details that can make or break an outfit. The best white shirts come with quality interlinings at the collar and sleeve cuffs. An interlined collar has a clean and crisp look; it frames your face and flatters your unique features.

The cuffs on a dress shirt are small but important details that will add undeniable charm to your shirt. There are two types of cuffs, traditional buttons and the French cuff that will require you to pick up a pair of cufflinks. Regardless of what cuff style your white shirt has, the cuff should always have that crisp, matching look to the rest of your outfit.

All Ella Hopfeldt shirts have a sleek and smart look for the interlined collar and cuffs. When it comes to the white shirt you have two choices: whether to go for the classic white shirt or the luxurious French cuffed one.

Do you need a new, elegant white shirt in your wardrobe?
Give Ella Hopfeldt a try – start by taking the fit test and finding
your perfect Ella Hopfeldt shirt fit!

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