5 Essential Shirts for Women

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” Marilyn Monroe once said. We at Ella Hopfeldt believe the same about dress shirts for women – when you are wearing a crisp shirt that fits perfectly and feel like a million bucks, you could probably move any mountain and even conquer the world.

Dress shirts are versatile, classic pieces that will make throwing together an outfit infinitely easier year round. So if anything, you should plan to pick up a few of these staples to round out your wardrobe. From the classic white shirt to gingham, here are five shirts that belong in every woman’s closet.

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1. Classic White Shirt

There’s nothing a good white shirt can’t do for you. Whether you are out for a relaxed Sunday brunch or off to a high-powered business meeting, a perfect white shirt has got you covered.

When shopping for a white dress shirt, make sure it fits well and is of good quality. For expert tips read our recent blog article “White Shirt for Women – How to Make the Perfect Choice”

2. Black Shirt

Similar to white, black also goes well with just about everything, light or dark. And it is always in style, no matter the season. Trying to create a classy, edgy, or modern look? A black shirt is the perfect starting point in any outfit. Black clothing looks professional, expensive and appropriate for any occasion.

The article “Women’s Black Shirt: Style and Buying Guide” includes tips on styling the black shirt as well as a few guidelines on how to end up with a shirt that looks really flattering.

Schwarze Bluse und Blaue Jeans

3. Floral shirt

Floral prints typically bring to mind all the charm of a summer day. Flowers carry a happy connotation. Wearing a floral shirt makes the day brighter – for you as well as for those around you.

A floral shirt is a great way to switch up an outfit and give it a new identity. The key to rocking a floral shirt is getting the right cut. Like dress shirts of any colour or print, it has to look good on you.

5. Gingham Shirt

Gingham shirt is the perfect choice for adding some colour and pattern to your shirt wardrobe. The pattern is so classic and preppy-cool, it almost feels like a neutral. Which is why it blends seamlessly into your wardrobe giving you versatile looks with each outfit and every occasion.

Even if you normally avoid patterns and think that checks are not your thing, a beautiful gingham shirt has what it takes to change your mind. You will discover that your gingham shirt looks perfect paired with almost anything else in your wardrobe. And you will love the way you look wearing it.

4. Dress Shirt with French Cuffs

A shirt with French cuffs will truly make you stand out with your exquisite style. A French Cuff doubles back on itself and is held in place with cufflinks. Pick a pair of beautiful cufflinks to go with your shirt and you will look and feel like a million dollars.

If you are not sure what to make of French cuff shirts the article “Women’s French Cuff Shirts – Yes or No” will hopefully help you sort through your feelings about women wearing these shirts. 

Dress shirts for Women are a staple

Overall, just like with anything else in your wardrobe, it really depends on your needs and what you want but dress shirts are definitely worth fussing about. These five good shirts will serve you well and will see you through a multitude of occasions over the coming years.

Next Step: find your perfect Ella Hopfeldt fit and size and enjoy the new additions to your wardrobe!

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