Non iron women's fitted shirts

Women’s Fitted Shirts for A Flattering Style

If you are on a mission to find women’s fitted shirts, you’ve come to the right place. Ella Hopfeldt is a dress shirt brand for women and offering better fit, quality and comfort to our customers is our passion.

Fitted dress shirt is always flattering

Regardless of your shape and size, dress shirts that are properly fitted always look more flattering. A shirt that is designed to follow the contours of your figure compliments your physique in all the right places and makes you feel at your best. Women’s fitted shirts can certainly highlight a slim physique, but they also look amazing on almost any body type as long as the size is right.

However, finding tailored, well-fitting dress shirts (or any other clothes, actually) is an universal problem for most women – the tall, the short, the skinny and the curvy alike. At Ella Hopfeldt we set out to solve this problem, at least as far as button-ups are concerned. We studied hundreds of women which led us to create our proprietary fit system that focuses on shape first and then size.

Women’s fitted shirts done right  

The unique sizing and fitting system for Ella Hopfeldt women’s fitted shirts is organised around basic body shape categories: triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. Each shirt comes in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes. This makes it possible to provide the majority of women a much better product and a much better experience.

Whatever style of fitted shirt you are looking for you are sure to find your perfect fit here!

The White Shirt 

Nothing elevates a simple pair of trousers, a skirt or a suit like a crisp, classic white shirt. But where it really shines is its versatility.

Ella Hopfeldt white shirt is a refined choice and a great way to add a sophisticated look to your business outfits. It has everything you could possibly ask for in a white button-up: it is fitted for a streamlined and flattering finish, the fabric is of excellent quality and thick enough to prevent your underwear being visible and the quality of the shirt is visible in every single detail.

Ella Hopfeldt non-iron white shirt for women
women's fitted shirts

The Black Shirt 

The black shirt is a unique piece of clothing that conveys elegance, sophistication and confidence. Everyone should own one just like every woman should have a white dress shirt in their closet. White for when you want to look sharp and polished and black for when you want to appear bold and a little bit mysterious.

The French Cuff Shirts

The collection of women’s French cuff shirts is our pride and joy. Though not everyone requires a closet full of French cuff shirts, it is great to have at least one for those occasions when you want to appear just a little bit more stylish than the ordinary.

Embracing this elegant look is an excellent way to declare to all observers that you take pride in your appearance and have an appreciation for subtle elegance.

The Chequered Shirts

Chequered shirt is the perfect choice for adding some colour and pattern to your shirt wardrobe. The pattern is so classic and cool, it almost feels like a neutral. Which is why it blends seamlessly into your wardrobe giving you versatile looks with each outfit and every occasion.

Even if you normally avoid patterns and think that checks are not your thing, any Ella Hopfeldt shirt has what it takes to change your mind. You will discover that your chequered shirt looks perfect paired with almost anything else in your wardrobe. And you will love the way you look wearing it.

Find your Perfect Fit

Finding your perfect Ella Hopfeldt fit is simple with our Fit Quiz. Quick and easy, the quiz consists of questions regarding your body shape. You will find the right fit for your shape in minutes.