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Manschettenknöpfe in Knotenform – Stilvoll und Edel

Manschettenknöpfe in Knotenform haben sich fest in der Schmuck-Branche etabliert, da sie als symbolträchtiges und dekoratives Motiv gelten. Sie stehen für Zusammengehörigkeit, für eine Verbundenheit, die so schnell nicht gelöst werden kann. Diese goldene Manschettenknöpfe lassen sich hervorragend mit hellen und dunklen Farben kombinieren und sind also in den meisten Fällen verwendbar. 

Um Manschettenknöpfe anbringen zu können ist ein entsprechendes Hemd eine Grundvoraussetzung. Es gibt verschiedene Hemdarten, die mit Manschettenknöpfen kompatibel sind. Klassisch sind aber die Hemdblusen mit Umschlagmanschetten oder auch Doppelmanschetten. Sie brauchen eine luxuriöse Hemdbluse mit Doppelmanschetten? Dann sind die Manschettenblusen von Ella Hopfeldt genau das Richtige für Sie.

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How much is shipping to the US, to Australia and to Canada?

Shipping to the US, Australia and to Canada is FREE of charge.

Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

No. We offer worldwide delivery and it is FREE of charge.

Can I track my order?

Yes. We will send you an email after the package has been shipped. You will get the tracking code and a link to the website, where you can track your order.

How long will the shipping take?

International shipping normally takes up to 14 days. Because of COVID-19, we are monitoring all our packages on a daily basis and follow up every package that is taking longer than expected promptly.

Can I return the cufflinks?

Yes, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and wish to receive a full refund or have an item exchanged, you have up to 14 days to return the product. We ask you send us an email and let us know that you are going to return the cufflinks.

You can read more about returns and exchanges here.

Do I need cufflinks to wear French cuff shirt?

Yes, you do. French cuffs are double-length cuffs that are folded back on themselves. They never come with buttons but instead are always fastened with cufflinks.

How to put on cufflinks?

Double cuffs (or French cuffs) are twice as long as regular cuffs and there are two pairs of buttonholes without the actual buttons. For wearing the cufflinks you simply need to fold the cuff in half, matching the buttonholes and then insert and close your cufflinks.

When to wear cufflinks?

In men’s style, double cuffs and cufflinks are often associated with fancy dinners and formal events. There are no similar styling rules for women and a French cuff shirt is a wonderful option for everyday wear since it gives even something as laid back as jeans a more classy look.

How do I get advice when shopping?

We are happy to help you and answer any questions related to our products, styles, and our brand. Simply chat with us on live chat and ask away!

How do I place an order?

Select an item from anywhere on this site, choose your preferred color and size, and then select “add to cart”. Once you have finished shopping, select the checkout option in the cart and follow the steps to purchase your product(s).

Can I Cancel my Order?

We process and ship all orders the day of the order. Because of this, we are unable to cancel any order once it has been submitted.


How does one combine the French cuff shirt?

It is very easy to combine with everything else in your wardrobe. It looks beautiful with dress pants and a blazer but you may also combine it with your favorite jeans and excel at effortless elegance.

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