The Art of Rolling Up Your Shirt Sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves can be very dramatic. Watch any old Western film and notice how men take that extra moment to carefully fold their sleeves before landing a punch.

In real life, however, rolling up your shirt sleeves is more a stylistic expression. Rolled sleeves send a visual signal that says „relaxed“. They look more youthful, more aesthetic and give off a statement of freedom.

There are a number of different styles for rolled sleeves. Each method has its unique benefits and charm.

Here we break down our favourite sleeve rolling technique, the master roll. This sleeve roll will set you apart from the everyone else wearing a dress shirt. It will make your shirt sleeves come to life. 

This is how you do the master roll:

Step 1.

Undo the buttons on the cuff and
let the sleeve fall freely

Step 2.

Roll up the sleeve to about two widths
of the cuff and smooth
any creases in the fabric

üleskeeratud varrukad
üleskeeratud varrukad

Step 3.

Roll from the bottom end of the sleeve once more to cover the cuff, leaving only the top end of the cuff exposed.

This method to roll shirt sleeves is particularly stylish when your shirt has a contrast lining or design pattern on the inside of the cuff. It’s all about being unique. The key to being the most stylish woman in the room lies in the details.

Take a look at Ella Hopfeldt shirts with contrast details, find your favourites and roll up your sleeves in style!

White shirt with black details

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Dress shirt with blue details

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