3 Essential Women’s Business Shirts

Getting dressed for work can be a struggle – you want to wear something that shows people how awesome you are at your job without taking the focus off your work. Here’s what always works: a classic button-down. Investing in a high quality, elegant women’s business shirts is one of the 4 secrets to always look chic and will make building a work wardrobe that you love a lot easier.

Women’s dress shirts are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. We have selected 3 business shirts from Ella Hopfeldt collection that look good and make you feel like a million dollars.

1. White Shirt with French Cuffs

white women's french cuff shirt

This white shirt with French Cuffs will truly make you stand out with your exquisite style. A French Cuff doubles back on itself and is held in place with cufflinks. Pick a pair of beautiful cufflinks to go with your shirt and you will look and feel like a million dollars.

French Cuff shirts are perfect for upscale events but can absolutely be worn for less formal settings. They have a place in your office as well as for a night out on the town. Women love this shirts for its fitted fit, luxurious herringbone fabric and outstanding collar and cuffs. Get one and experience luxury!

2. Women’s Business Shirt with contrast trim

Women’s business shirts

This shirt is great for days when you want to dress up a little and stand out in the crowd. Contrast trim is a stylish option for your business shirt – different color fabric inside the collar and cuffs can make a shirt more appealing and versatile. The details are, above all, a good chance to glam up your shirt and make your own style statement.

The women’s business shirt with black details from Ella Hopfeldt is classy, comfortable and unique. The high quality dry&fly cotton fabric is wrinkle resistant. This shirt is sure to enliven your presence at meetings and highlight you in the office. Looking superb has never been so effrotless!

3. Floral shirt

Floral shirt makes the day brighter – for you as well as for those around you. If you would like to stress your individuality and make everyone around admire your look – this shirt is the perfect choice!

You will also love the fabric of the floral shirt which is light, airy and easy to maintain. The shirt does not wrinkle and you can be sure to look as fresh and crisp after your workday as you did in the morning.

Find your Ella Hopfeldt Fit

If business shirts belong to your wardrobe and you’re looking to find fitted, figure flattering women’s shirts, you are in the right place. At Ella Hopfeldt, we offer four masterfully fitted shirt designs to help every woman find an ideal fit for her height, body shape and size. Find your Ella Hopfeldt fit and experience the glory of a perfectly fitting business shirt!

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