4 Secrets to Always Look Chic

In a world where fashion options are endless, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to wear. What do you have to mix and match, layer together or accessorize in order to look chic? While some days it seems like outfits come together flawlessly, other you’re left with an outfit you’re not all that excited about…

In order to help you avoid the latter as much as possible, we’ve compiled 4 fashion secrets that most stylish women live by.

1. Buy less, choose well

Light blue women's french cuff shirt

With so many fast fashion options available today, this rule can be hard. You go in to H&M or Zara or Primark to buy “just one t-shirt” – and the next thing you know, you’ve purchased a pile of clothes that you didn’t perhaps even need.

As fun as impulse buying can be, you could save some of that money and invest in the pieces that you know you’ll have for a long time. Always pick quality over quantity. Not only for the amount of time and use you’ll get out of a better quality item but more importantly, what it says about you. Buying quality items for yourself is an act of self love. You are worth spending a little extra on and you deserve to have beautiful things.

2. It’s all about the fit

When it comes to looking chic, nothing matters more than fit because frankly, if your clothes don’t fit you right, there’s just no point in wearing them. Whether it’s your tees, your shirts or even your jeans, the way they fit on you is the difference between looking like you borrowed your clothes from someone else or actually know what you’re doing.

Know your body and work with it. Whether you’re a size 36 or 46, you should always buy and wear clothes that fit your size. Everything will always look better – and be more flattering – when it fits immaculately.

3. Dress for yourself – and yourself only

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Half the battle when it comes to dressing well is feeling good in what you are wearing. When you are comfortable with your style, you convey a more confident air which people definitely pick up on.

In the past women and men have been restricted to certain dress codes. Today there is no excuse for dressing to please others or the fashion police. Find freedom in your own style and select outfits as a reflection of who you are and not who you think you should look like.

4. Invest in a set of quality button-down shirts

Button down shirts are the ultimate wardrobe staples, along with blue jeans and underwear. Whether paired with jeans or sleek tailored trousers, a high quality button down shirt will always help make any ensemble look effortlessly elegant.

Although a fresh white dress shirt is a must-have, it shouldn’t be the only choice in your closet. Building a stylish, versatile wardrobe starts with a solid foundation and with shirts you will find simple, versatile options that are timeless and go with everything. Don’t be afraid to buy multiple colors and patterns of the same shirt to take out over-thinking about wardrobe. Read about five essential shirts for women.

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