3 Shirts for Conquering The World

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” Marilyn Monroe once said. We at Ella Hopfeldt believe the same about dress shirts – when you are wearing a perfect shirt and feel like a million bucks, you could probably move any mountain and even conquer the world.

We have handpicked 3 shirts from Ella Hopfeldt collection that are perfect for carrying out your most ambitious plans:

Women’s business shirts

1. White Shirt with Black Details

A good white shirt always looks crisp and fresh but why not try this amazing version with black details! The black details add spark and character to the white shirt and the combination of black and white is always striking.

Ella Hopfeldt white shirt with black details is perfectly tailored and made out of first class dry&fly cotton fabric. In short – this shirt has it all and you’ll look fabulous wearing it. 

2. Navy Blue Shirt with Double Cuffs

This shirt oozes of refined elegance and luxury. The navy blue colour always looks sophisticated but double cuffs give your appearance an additional lift.

You will need cufflinks to wear this shirt. There is a small selection of feminine cufflinks in Ella Hopfeldt online shop but you will also find them in any shirt shop for men.

3. Floral shirt

Floral shirt makes the day brighter – for you as well as for those around you. If you would like to stress your individuality and make everyone around admire your look – this shirt is the perfect choice!

You will also love the fabric of the floral shirt which is light, airy and easy to maintain. The shirt does not wrinkle and you can be sure to look as fresh and crisp after your workday as you did in the morning.

Would you like an Ella Hopfeldt shirt in your wardrobe? If so, then start by taking our fit test and find a perfect fit for your height and body shape!

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